Red Mite Treatment - Mite Magic™

Cost Effective Red Mite Control from just £1.24 per week

Instant contact kill formula

Mite Magic is THE most effective treament against Poultry Red Mite.Mite Magic is THE most effective treament against Poultry Red Mite.

Mite Magic is perfect choice because it is:

  • Highly effective contact kill Red Mite treatment for adult mites and their eggs
  • Cost effective - from just £1.24 a week (900g pot). One single, thorough treament of Mite Magic can last up to a whole year - compared to many other red mite treatments which require repeat treatments and multiple purchases
  • Ready to use, no mixing, easy to apply by paintbrush
  • Animal friendly, including adult, chicks and hatchlings
  • Human friendly
  • Eco-friendly
  • Minimal coop/hut/loft/aviary preparation

Mite Magic user feedback comments:

"the best Red Mite product I have ever used. It works!"

"a total success"

"egg production went up, over double, within 10 days"

"seems to be doing exactly what it says on the tin, in fact I think its fab!"

"the day after treating I could see a big difference in my chickens. They all seemed much happier and relaxed"

"finally something that actually does work"

"4 days after treatment my egg yield has gone up from 2-3 to 5 eggs a day from 7 chickens"

"no signs of mites at all, THANK GOD!"

"not seen any Red Mite for 3 years since meeting Kay when she collected some Red Mite for testing. Used (Mite Magic) every year. Saved loads of time every week, and a fortune on dust powder, sprays and smoke bombs, worth every penny"

"I treated a small shed with another Red Mite treatment and 10 days later it is totally re-infested again, compared to my main shed which is Red Mite-free since using Mite Magic"

"I was losing a chick a day to Red Mite; since using Mite Magic I haven't lost any, I'm very impressed"

"It's worked! Job done"

Mite Magic 2 FINAL from fluentfilms on Vimeo.

Buy Mite Magic - the most cost effective, eco-friendly red mite treatment available.