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Animal, Human and Eco-Friendly

No adverse effects to animals or humans have ever been reported by Mite Magic volunteers or its creator. Birds feet will come into contact with Mite Magic once on their perch and no adverse effects have been reported. The residual fragrance inhaled during or after treatment offer no hazard to human or animals, and is pleasant for the user and the birds.

Birds can return to their hut immediately – there is nothing in the composition of Mite Magic that may harm them. Feathers, tail feathers in particular may be slightly soiled as they brush against treated surfaces – these feathers can be cleaned with warm water and washing up liquid if desired, but causes no harm if left on the feather or preened by the bird.

Chicks - Mite Magic has also been used in a quail broody hut containing Mum and young hatchlings with no adverse effects. The owner reported on her feedback form “before I did the trial I was losing a chick a day. Afterwards I have not lost any, I’m very impressed”.

Poultry Wizard and all volunteers have had Mite Magic on their skin on many occasions without any incident. Mite Magic is a combination of very well understood ingredients, and all are regularly used by humans.

One volunteer was particularly messy during her treatment and got Mite Magic in her eye. Again no adverse effect at the time or later on her feedback form, just a cool feeling in the eye. I am happy to report she is totally fine!

If you do have a skin condition, suffer any skin sensitivity, use caution and common sense and cover skin if concerned by wearing long sleeve clothing, gloves, trousers etc. Eye protection is advised.

Mite Magic should not damage any wooden, plastic, metal or brick surface it is applied to, and will not impede the use of moving machinery, offers water repellent and preservation benefits. Once applied, the product should not be washed off under any circumstances – allow to soak into surfaces as this long term residual action is crucial to its success. On this basis, Mite Magic will remain in the bird hut, never enter any watercourses or cause harm to the immediate or wider environment.

Mite Magic is a leave-on formula and does not support the growth of harmful organisms – the natural plant derived ingredients provide antibacterial and antifungal properties.