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Terms & Conditions

Annual* means up to annual*. Usage instructions should be strictly followed to achieve optimum success for your Red Mite treatment. Annual* efficacy is entirely possible, but we cannot guarantee annual efficacy and Poultry Wizard does not guarantee this under any circumstances.

There are many factors which are beyond our reasonable control, and these factors are solely reliant on the end user which we have no control over. Mite Magic is an instant immersion contact kill paste, the entire hut and all hut internal fixtures and fittings should be treated with Mite Magic (including any new additions) at a rate of not less than 2mm for optimum red mite efficacy. Consequently, any claim will not be entered into.

All users of Mite Magic have achieved on or around annual efficacy for Red Mite control and have followed the preparation, usage and follow up instructions closely.

Mite Magic should be used as advised and intended on the usage instructions only.

Advice given is with the very best intention from an experienced hen keeper but does not constitute any form of diagnosis on medical conditions. No advice on this website constitutes or implies any form of diagnosis of bird health or ill health. Poultry Wizard does not possess any medical or veterinary qualifications and views expressed are opinions. Veterinary advice should always be sought if in any doubt, or if you suspect any illness or disease in your birds. No ill or adverse effects on humans or birds have ever been reported after using Mite Magic and given the correct aftercare (see Bird aftercare section) they should recover their health and vitality quickly.

Any bird struggling to recover should be taken for specific veterinary advice as Red Mite are proven vectors of disease and the bird may need prescription medication following a professional diagnosis by a qualified vet.

Human safe* – users of Mite Magic have not reported any adverse effects following contact with Mite Magic on either themselves (skin or eyes) or their animals. Users should consider their own protection issues, skin sensitivity and current skin conditions and wear protective clothing and eyewear if at all concerned. Eye protection is always advised however to avoid eye contact.

All trials were conducted on wooden/timber huts where severe, well established Red Mite infestations existed.