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A birds eye view?

Reluctance to roost

Its not surprising that birds do not want to go into the hut to roost at night if Red Mite are waiting for them, a common complaint amongst hen keepers trying to put their birds out of reach of predators such as foxes.

If I were a hen I wouldn’t want to go in either. Or should a bird stay outside the hut and risk a fox attack? What a horrid choice! Its also not surprising then that birds are bad tempered during the day – imagine hundreds of blood sucking parasites crawling all over you as you tried to sleep, biting you and drinking your blood – you’ve had a terrible sleep and endured horrendous irritation all night, so you wake up feeling tired, drained of blood (literally), poorly and restless – you too would be in a bad mood.

Lack of Energy

Now imagine this happening to you every night for weeks, months even – the poor birds! You feel weak, have no energy and every night you are getting weaker. You try to eat and drink during the day but you’re really tired, you can’t lay an egg because your body must keep all the nutrition you consume just to stay alive – all because of Poultry Red Mites. Red Mite will show your birds no mercy whatsoever, and will continue to feed on their blood as long as they’re alive. At lease free range birds get some respite during the day, imagine being trapped in a cage where there’s no escape….