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About Mite Magic™

How Mite MagicTM works

Put simply, entrapment and suffocation. Mite Magic can also be used as a spot and band, barrier treatment to stop red mites escaping (see the “boxing in” section of the video). Mite Magic contains no nasty chemicals - plant derived natural oils are added which also appear to offer Mite repellent benefits, and the composition has been further adapted to create a quick, easy brush on application.

Mite Magic kills mites on contact – once coated with Mite Magic, Red Mite die instantly. Mite Magic also prevents Red Mite eggs from hatching, thus removing their reproductive abilities. This residual action is crucial to its success, so should NEVER be washed off or removed. As Mite Magic works by rapid instantaneous physical and/or mechanical action, there is no possibility of mites developing resistance to Mite Magic, as they have done with chemical based products. The mortality rates of adult mites and mite eggs is very high and if Mite Magic is used as advised you will see a huge difference in your hut and birds immediately.

Long term action

As Mite Magic is left to absorb into surfaces, it offers long term residual action by soaking in and killing mites and eggs deep in cracks and crevices, an area where successful treatment is almost impossible to conduct as they are hidden away. A coating of 2mm or more is advised so Mite Magic can absorb and penetrate these “out of sight” cracks and crevices to a similar depth to work its magic on any stowaways. This absorbing action is crucial to its success. It is therefore important to treat the hut with a coating of 2mm or more, especially around favourite Red Mite areas – perches, nestboxes, dropping boards and joints in the hut structure closest to the birds. It is important to treat all areas in the hut as mites will survive on any untreated surfaces. Squashing live mites with your finger is very satisfying, but please remember to paint them and the area with Mite Magic as well – Red Mite eggs are almost impossible to see with the naked eye so you need to ensure that any Mite eggs in the area do not hatch.

Mites will also survive on treated surfaces once Mite Magic has soaked in, so ensuring there are no survivors at the first application is key. Treat the whole hut on the same day, and spot check for a few days afterwards, painting any live mites with Mite Magic. Red Mite will try to escape Mite Magic.


Mite Magicis a Red Mite control product like no other. It has a radically different approach to other Red Mite control products in that it is not a pesticide, it turns established thinking on Red Mite control completely upside down – and it works. It controls Red Mite for a very long time by its instant immersion contact kill formulation and long lasting residual action. It is a simple, quick, easy brush-on formula, or can be sprayed in small or larger premises. Mite Magic should never be washed off surfaces – Mite Magic must be left on all these surfaces to absorb into the poultry housing to offer up to 56 week efficacy from one single thorough premise application. In doing so, it comes into contact with mite eggs and prevents them from hatching. This severely interrupts the reproductive abilities of red mites – laboratory trials at Northumbria University report average mite egg hatch prevention rate of 82.8%, and adult female red mite mortality average of 97.7%.

Mite Magic is suitable for application to wood/timber, plastic, metal or brick huts and should not cause any damage to the hut. Test a small discreet area if you have any concerns on this issue. If Mite Magic is used, there is absolutely no reason why you should replace your wooden hut because of Red Mite. Mite Magic will not impede the use of any machinery or moving machinery.

The formula is designed to be unpalatable to your birds, but if they do peck at the product it will not encourage further tasting but will not cause them any harm. The birds can be introduced back into the hut immediately and may be present during treatment, although they do tend to make a nuisance of themselves so encourage them outside by providing food elsewhere.

Mite Magic should always be applied to dry surfaces and objects in the bird hut at a minimum depth of 2mm. Mites and mite eggs may be found in all areas of the hut so the hut, perches, nest boxes, roof and walls should be treated. The floor should not be treated as this will result in a hazardous slippery surface – the floor and walkways should be thoroughly scraped clean and covered with a removable fabric, such as old bedsheets, towels etc and removed and burned once treatment is complete.

Try to avoid putting bedding materials straight back into nest boxes to allow time for Mite Magic to soak into the nest box itself, rather than the bedding material. Allow Mite Magic to soak into all areas of the hut, where it will continue to work its magic long after application.

You will be provided with Mite Magic usage instructions which should be followed very closely to achieve optimum success. Please read these thoroughly and ensure you have all your kit available for treatment day.

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  • Annual* red mite control
  • Minimal hut preparation
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Animal, human, eco-friendly
  • Instant contact kill formula