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Hut Aftercare

Hut Treatment After Red Mite Infestation

Please consider these points carefully and implement them wherever possible. Remember the bird hut is for the birds, it is their home and their sanctuary and should include everything that they need, but nothing that they don't need. The hut must cater to their needs before our own, but a few suggestions are below that will keep the birds happy and make our lives as bird owners a little easier! Now you have your Red Mite problem under control, keep it that way! Don't let them back in!

Do not deep clean the hut for at least one week after applying Mite Magic, it must be allowed time to soak into all the cracks and crevices. You can clean poop off the untreated floor daily to maintain a healthy sleep environment, but all other areas should be lightly brushed only. Try to leave the hut alone unless it is desperate for cleaning, and take care not to remove any Mite Magic.

Do not fill the hut with toys or any unnecessary items. Essential items in the hut are: adequate perch space for all birds, nest boxes and hanging water dispenser. Nothing else is essential if your birds are let out during the day. Feeders, extra water dispensers, toys or treats should be outside the hut wherever possible.

Once Mite Magic has soaked in and all spot checking is complete, assuming you have seen no live Red Mites, you can clean the hut in your usual way but avoid scraping surfaces where Mite Magic has been applied. A soft brush will do the job.

I advise NOT to put any bedding, shavings etc onto the hut floor or the dropping board if you have one, or in any other area. Clean bedding material should be replaced in nestboxes ONLY. Mites love too live in bedding material, so you may be inadvertently offering them a new place to live. You could line the (Mite Magic treated) dropping board with cling film, aluminium foil, newspaper etc but I prefer to use an off-cut of standard kitchen floor type linoleum - this can be purchased cheaply from any carpet shop and makes cleaning much quicker and easier. Also use lino on the shed floor, it saves loads of cleaning time and a quick scrape daily keeps the huts moisture levels low. It is also very easy to mop, disinfect and dry!

Ensure the hut doesn't leak water. Your birds need a dry, well ventilated hut at all times. Breathing in damp, moist air every night, especially if filled with ammonia from faeces, may lead to serious health issues, especially respiratory problems, including the dreaded and often deadly mycoplasma.

It is good practice now to continue to burn and bedding materials removed from the nest boxes or any other dry waste from the hut. A population of Red Mites can grow quickly, so even one Red Mite in the hut can turn into hundreds very quickly.