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Minimal Hut Preparation

Your hut requires no additional preparation over and above your regular coop cleaning regime. Poultry Wizard actually advises AGAINST a deep clean just before using Mite Magic, as this disturbs the Red Mites, making them scurry away, so are much harder to find and paint with Mite Magic. We do ask that you read and follow the instructions supplied with your order fully before starting your treatment to ensure success!

All areas in the hut must be dry when using Mite Magic, and surfaces, shelves, dropping boards etc should be brushed with a dustpan and brush only to remove loose debris.

Dried on dirt should not be scraped off any surface as Red Mite live underneath and lay eggs here. These areas should be painted generously with Mite Magic and left to soak in to destroy mites and eggs hiding beneath.

Mite Magic usage instructions are based on free range birds who occupy a hut that is regularly cleaned, at least weekly. It is good practice to clean out the hut regularly so your birds can enjoy high health and welfare standards. They need a regularly cleaned, dry, watertight and well ventilated and parasite-free living and sleeping environment.

If your hut needs a deep clean, complete this before treatment day and do not use liquids. Remember the hut surfaces should be dry on Mite Magic treatment day.