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Mite Magic Trial Volunteers

Lynn B – Occupation Poultry Breeder and shows birds

Quail keeper, current red mite infestation 9/10.
Date applied Mite Magic 10/06/2013.
Time spent applying Mite Magic – 20 minutes.
Small timber quail hut with broody quail Mum and hatchlings with access to outside areas.


  • “quite pleased with how simple it was to apply and I could see where I’d been; I also liked the fragrance”
  • “Before I did the trial, I was losing a chick a day. Afterwards, I have not lost any, I’m very impressed”
  • did you notice any improvement – yes
  • how quickly – straight away

Would you purchase this product: Yes

Would you recommend this product: Definitely

Jane C – Occupation – Primary School Teacher and Private Tutor

Lifetime hen/guinea fowl keeper, 30+ birds, current red mite infestation 10+/10.
Date applied Mite Magic 22/07/2013.
Time spent applying Mite Magic: 2 hours.
Large timber hen hut, free range birds.
Treatment conducted over two separate days due to insufficient Mite Magic.


  • “Needed more than expected. After two days any untreated parts of the shed were crawling with mites trying to avoid Mite Magic”.
  • “Within two days there were clumps of dead mites in the product”
  • Would you recommend any alterations or improvements?
  • “Need larger tubs (400g used). I would suggest for a quick kill every surface should be treated in the shed”.
  • “Between application and total eradication the untreated areas were crawling with mites and I was also crawling in them every time I went near”
  • “Need to make sure all surfaces are treated or it takes too long to kill all the mites”.
  • “I treated a small shed with another mite treatment and 10 days later it is totally re-infested again compared to my main shed which is mite free since applying Mite Magic”
  • “My egg production went up, over double, within 10 days”
  • “This is the best mite treatment I have ever used – it works. A total success”

Would purchase and recommend Mite Magic.

Robert T – Occupation – Construction

Kept 5 hens 12 months, current red mite infestation 10/10.
Date Applied Mite Magic – 7th Sept and 5th October 2014 due to insufficient Mite Magic.
Wooden hut made from sterling board, free range birds.
Time spent applying Mite Magic – 1.5 hours


  • “Would be simpler and quicker if sprayable”
  • “I noticed a difference immediately”
  • “I noticed red mite traces after 4 weeks of applying 1st treatment, but must state I only treated 3 walls in hut, so on Kay’s second visit we did the other wall. No red mite at moment”.
  • “I would like to see it in spray form, this would make product much simpler and quicker to use, and spraying would get more into the cracks and grooves”
  • “My hutch is made from sterling boards; I would not recommend building hutches from these as the board is ideal to red mite to hide in all cracks and grooves. Ply board is much better”
  • “Other than this, I’m delighted to being introduced to Mite Magic; cheers Kay”

Would buy and recommend Mite Magic.

Karen L – Occupation – Home Maker

Kept 7 hens/1 duck for 3 years, current red mite infestation 10/10
Date applied Mite Magic – 17/05/16.
Wooden hut and run, free range birds.
Time spent applying Mite Magic – 4 hours.


  • “instructions perfectly clear and Mite Magic very easy to use”
  • “it was a bit messy and I got lots on me but at the end of the day it was a job well done”
  • “I noticed an improvement the next day”
  • “no alterations or improvements, I am very happy with the product”
  • “after trying many different products for the control of red mites I am happy with Mite Magic and its results”.
  • “Something that works for a change!”
  • “Its very easy to put on but yes you do get it on your hands if you use a paint brush; this is nothing to bother you as I found it had no adverse effect on my skin or even my face as I kept rubbing at the mites”.
  • “I even got Mite Magic in my eyes and the only symptoms I had was a slightly cold eye”.
  • “the day after treating I could see a big difference in my chickens, they all seemed much happier and relaxed and there was also a noticeable colour change in their combs, they were much brighter red than normal”.
  • “when I went to collect the eggs for the first time in months there were no mites crawling on them or in the surrounding area”
  • “the cage also smells really clean and fresh”
  • “after using and applying Mite Magic I did manage to get quite a lot on me and my clothes but this soon washed off very easily with no ill effects to either my skin or clothing”
  • “overall I am highly delighted with Mite Magic and have no reservations about recommending this product”
  • “finally something that actually does work”
  • “4 days after treatment my egg yield has gone up from my usual 2-3 from 7 chickens to 5 a day for the last couple of days”
  • “the hut still smells really fresh and clean and the Mite Magic is still very much in place”
  • “no sign of any mites at all, THANK GOD!”