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Existing Red Mite Treatments

Red Mite Resistance to Traditional Treatments

Mite Magic is the most effective red mite treatment for chickensTraditional synthetic acaricide red mite treatments are generally ineffective nowadays to due to misuse and over-use, and in any event PRM have developed resistance to many of these chemicals with treatment failures widely reported.

This results in poultry keepers needing to carry out more regular, repeat, labour intensive treatments throughout the year to try to control Red Mites. In order to protect chickens, animals and humans, many old fashioned chemicals are now banned for use in food producing animals as they are considered harmful to both.

This has led to a situation where red mite populations are now flourishing, leading to significant production losses and major health and welfare concerns for animals producing food for human consumption. Without an alternative, we didn’t have a choice or an effective way of controlling red mite – until now….