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Short Term Bird Aftercare

Your birds will be feeling very poorly if they have endured and survived a Red Mite infestation, and good basic immediate aftercare will help them to recover their health quickly. Given the right care, their recovery will occur very quickly.

Feed the birds fresh good quality, nutritious food - a higher protein pellet is recommended such as a breeder pellet. Offer unlimited food - they will be hungry as they try to recover their strength, so encourage them to eat as much as possible.

Constant blood loss will leave birds dehydrated, so offer unlimited, fresh, clean water at all times. I also recommend providing a good quality vitamin/mineral supplement in their water, along with your free Wizard Minerals on alternate days for the first week. Wizard Minerals are an old fashioned "blood tonic" traditionally used by pigeon keepers, and will help to restore depleted blood levels in your birds back to normal.

Provide the supplied Wizard Mineral until it has all been used, then a vitamin supplement until your birds are recovered. Provide a vitamin supplement once a week to maintain optimum health. Also offer Apple Cider Vinegar mixed into their water on a weekly basis (plastic drinkers/bowls only for ACV).

After thorough application of Mite Magic, your birds should finally enjoy a good nights restful sleep and wake up feeling rested, energised, much calmer and far less aggressive.

Break the cycle of feather pecking and aggression - provide birds with lots of activity and distraction. Birds are strongly motivated by food, so use food to distract their attention. Along with their staple pelleted food, hang up or provide green vegetables for them to peck at - cauliflower, cabbage, lettuce, kale, clean grass clippings etc. Birds are natural foragers, so scatter some food on the ground to promote natural scratch and foraging behaviours to distract their attention away from each other.

Provide a dust bath area - this is a natural, enjoyable behaviour for birds to remove parasites from their bodies - I use a recycled plastic childrens paddling pool, covered to protect from rain. Fill with sand, dry dirt, fire ash etc. If you know anyone who has a log burner, exchange eggs for a bag of their fire waste!

Once your birds have recovered from their Red Mite ordeal, they will lay eggs again and be much happier and calmer - they can now get a good nights sleep without being attacked by Red Mites.Their mood should improve immediately after you have worked your own Mite Magic! Their health may take a little longer but with proper care your birds will recover remarkably quickly.

If any bird does not appear to be recovering well, she may need medical assistance. Red Mite are proven vectors of various diseases, so consider visiting your Veterinary Surgeon with the bird if an infection or disease is suspected.

*** If any bird is being singled out, bullied or attacked by others in the flock then you should remove this bird to a safe place immediately - put her in a separate pen to protect her - birds, (hens in particular) will relentlessly peck at open bloody wounds and further severe injury/cannibalism may occur ***